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Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrians Of 2021 Learn more about being a safe pedestrian today. Because, well, someone’s gotta do it. As you may or may not have thought about, there is more to being a safe pedestrian than looking both ways before crossing the street. And everyone knows that if a pedestrian and vehicle have a fight, the… Continue reading Pedestrian Safety


Passing A Left Turning Vehicle

Question : This is a (possibly stupid) question about indicating, but I cannot find a definitive answer. It’s about passing a left turning vehicle. To indicate or not to indicate? At a lot of intersections, a single lane become two or more lanes, so passing the left turning car on the right would require a… Continue reading Passing A Left Turning Vehicle


BC Driving Blog

Don’t worry about the name. BC Driving Blog is not only for British Columbians, and not only about driving. It is written by a driving instructor from British Coumbia who has experience with new drivers (Class 5/7 – regular size cars). Read about the many different skills needed to drive by yourself. Or, look up… Continue reading BC Driving Blog

Yielding Tips When Driving

What is yielding? What is yielding? To yield simply means to give the right of way. In other words, to let the other road user go first when there’s a potential conflict. The difference between a stop sign and a yield sign is this: At a stop sign, you are always required to stop, even… Continue reading Yielding Tips When Driving


Start Here

Welcome to BC Driving Blog! Since 2012 it has been the internet’s favorite place to learn how to drive and brush up on driving skills. Okay I made that up, but it sounded good didn’t it! My name is Carmen, and I have been in love with driving since before I was born. As a… Continue reading Start Here


Report a Pot-Hole or Issue

This post was  inspired by this traffic light in Vancouver on Victoria Drive & 37th When you see something is wrong, don’t just keep driving. Call the city (when you are parked) and tell them so they can fix it. City of Vancouver Call 311 Boundary Road Traffic Signal Repair call 604-871-6200 City of Victoria… Continue reading Report a Pot-Hole or Issue

Chronicles of Alex — Driving in Traffic, Lane Changes, Curves [Driving Hours 12.75 – 14.75]

Dashboard Blinking Lights

Driving Hours 12.75 – 14.75 November 14 I learned: It’s good to scan intersections with traffic lights by turning your head rather than just scanning with your eyes. Although I do need to practice scanning intersections well ahead of time. (You can see more if you turn your head rather than just using your peripheral… Continue reading Chronicles of Alex — Driving in Traffic, Lane Changes, Curves [Driving Hours 12.75 – 14.75]


How to Change Lanes

Recommended procedure for lane changing is usually:   1) Mirror(s) 2) Signal 3) Shoulder Check 4) Lane Change & Check Mirror Again   Ok this all sounds very nice, but what else should you know? In my day-to-day observations I often see something like this:   1) Mirror 2) Lane Change   What is wrong with… Continue reading How to Change Lanes

Driving Question: Is it illegal to Not Signal When Merging?

Yes, you are legally required to signal BEFORE merging. Merging onto a highway is technically the same manoeuvre as a lane change (you’re just driving faster). Signals are important in this case to warn traffic that you’re planning a movement, especially during those instances where the onramp and the offramp is the same lane.