Not Displaying N Sign – Possible Consequences (2022)

Not Displaying N Sign

Q: If you have an N and get pulled over becuz it wasn’t displayed( fallen off, stolen, whichever) and are ticketed for this, can the superintendent prohibit you from driving and take your licence away?

For the “fail to display N or L” It looks like it’s a $109 ticket with 0 penalty points, and it seems that the Superintendent automatically reviews the driver if they have 3 or more points for a GLP driver. 

Officers do have the choice of issuing the ticket under 25(15) MVA – Drive Contrary to Conditions of Licence (3 points) or 25.15 MVAR – Fail to Display New Driver Sign (0 points).

Most will choose the latter, but for repeat offenders the former may be appropriate.

“For these drivers (GLP: ‘L’s and ‘N’s) violation tickets can be issued for any electronic distraction, including hands-free devices and always comes with 3 penalty points.

As well, the driving record of any GLP driver with 3 points or more will automatically undergo a review by the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles – see the Driver Improvement Program page on this site.

If the Superintendent issues a driving prohibition to a driver in the Novice stage, the 24-month Novice driving period starts over when the prohibition ends and the novice driver gets re-licensed.”

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