New driver Q’s: Do I have to stop at the yield sign?


Q: If there is a yield sign especially in turning right, do we have to stop even without pedestrians? 

No not necessarily; if there are no pedestrians or vehicles or road users of any kind then you do not have to stop since there is no one to “yield” to.


  • Car A should yield to Car B (Car A has to let car B go first)
  • Car B should not have to worry about whether Car A is planning to yield (it should be obvious).

Yield means you have to let the other vehicles go first IF they are there. If there are no pedestrians, bikes, road users of any kind, or vehicles, then NO you do not have to stop!

Sometimes you may have to stop or almost stop just because you have zero visibility; and you do have to be going a speed at which you are prepared to stop – and without being rear-ended because you slammed on the brakes at the last second – IF/WHEN you get to the point that you can see vehicles/pedestrians.

But there will be other intersections where you can see just fine that there is absolutely nothing there for miles (er.. kilometers), in which case you may be able to continue on at full speed or by slowing down only a bit. It all depends on the specific circumstances, which vary considerably. Always use extra caution in unfamiliar places.

This video is a bit terrible (Upgrade on my list of things to do) because there is only one instance at the end where the car actually has to yield to other vehicles.. But may be good just to look at some different intersections (notice the colour of the traffic lights) :



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  1. Natasha Menancio

    Do we shoulder check when doing this turn? When is the appropriate time to shoulder check?

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