Motorcycle Question: Uphill stop sign – limited visibility

Question:  I am on a
motorcycle at a stop sign near the top of a steep hill
and want to make a right turn. I am stopped behind
the white line, but from there I cannot see traffic
coming from my left over the top of the hill. To see
oncoming traffic from my left, I must ease my
motorcycle forward over the white line (and slightly
higher up the hill). The only way I can do this is by
putting my left foot down two or three times as I ease
forward for a better view of approaching traffic.
I understand, however, that ICBC does not like it if
you put your foot down while moving forward. Is this

I have found ICBC to be quite helpful in answering questions and queries. 

“First, you must stop behind the white stop line (a complete stop). Once that has been completed and you cannot see due to obstruction, you are legally allowed to pull far enough ahead in order to increase your line of sight. Once you have established that you can safely see and it is safe to do, proceed. In order to keep your motorcycle steady you must have at least one foot on the ground. This is also legal and acceptable.”

-ICBC (quote via email)


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