Left Turns – Boulevard / Divided Road Video Demo [Boundary Road]




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2 thoughts on “Left Turns – Boulevard / Divided Road Video Demo [Boundary Road]”

  1. Good stuff! In terms of car positioning, right of way, and lane selection I always think of these as two separate intersections of one-way-streets, while you’re on the two-way.

    Interesting how in Vancouver, they don’t bother with a right of way sign in the middle and just leave it uncontrolled (where you must yield to the car from the right) whereas in North Vancouver you’ll get all kinds of signage and road markings to achieve the same thing.

    It would be good to see a similar series of left turn examples amongst the boulevards between McDonald and Dunbar near 16th and King Edward.

    • I did make a video like that about a year ago but I only used one camera and it is kind of terrible! Might be good to re-do.

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