Left Across Yellow Lines Into a Driveway… Safely? (2022)

Turning Left Across Yellow Lines

Everyone knows that you can turn left and right at intersections, but you might wonder if you can also turn left across yellow lines into a driveway, for example. The rules about this may be different depending on where in the world, country, province, state we are talking about. For Beautiful British Columbia, the short answer is, yes you basically can, as long as you aren’t impeding traffic.

So, can I turn left across yellow lines?

Right Turns At Intersections Demo
Right Turns At Intersections Demo

The short answer: Maybe 

I hate to be annoying, but this isn’t quite a yes or no answer. If I simply told you yes or no, I might be lying.

From the ICBC Drive Smart manual

Don’t take it from me, read it from ICBC itself. The following is from the ICBC Learn to Drive Smart manual.

Turns in the middle of a blockOpens in a new tab.

left across yellow lines

Notice how it doesn’t say ‘Do not turn left’

Should you, though?

The next question of course is, well, should you do it? I mean, we can send a bunch of humans to the MarsOpens in a new tab. to start a new colony there… but… should we? It’s questions for the universe.

Personally I just stick to turning at intersections whenever I can. This is because I know that other drivers will expect me to be there. Turning left across yellow lines could potentially be dangerous.

Lately I’m just not in the mood for any extra hassle.

And often, you can ask yourself if there’s a better way. This can be done with planning your route in advance to include only intersection turns. Or, to include a right turn rather than a left one.

Consider, too, that any resulting collision would more than likely be at least half your fault. Left turns really get the shaft when it comes to ICBC fault claims. Just something to think about.


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  1. Is it legal for a bus to pull over on a double solid line to let cars pass on a hill 55 mph?

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