King Edward & Valley Drive, Vancouver

I was at the stop sign on Valley Drive and King Edward and planning to go north straight through the double intersection.

Another driver going west on King Edward turned left at Valley and then tried to immediately turn left again in front of me as he wanted to go east on King Edward towards Arbutus.

Before he started turning again, I started to proceed through the intersection. The other driver became irate and said that he should go first as I was at the stop sign.

From what I read on-line, the driver turning left should yield to the driver going through the intersection. Can you please clarify what should happen in this instance? Thanks!

It doesn’t seem right, someone basically doing a U-turn getting mad at you for wanting to just drive normally. This is a stop-sign-controlled intersection, so the following should apply. However, it seems quite like an uncontrolled intersection once you’ve entered the ‘middle’ so these rules also apply.

Stop-Sign-Controlled Intersection

Uncontrolled Intersection

I admit these are confusing. Especially when it seems like, for you, it’s a stop-sign-controlled intersection; but for him – it’s a different intersection. (How many intersections is this? One or two, I really don’t know) I suppose the question is, which vehicle was ‘in the intersection’ first, as the other should yield in that situation. If your vehicle was still stopped behind the stop line, then you probably weren’t ‘in the intersection’ before him. But if you had already moved forward and were already rolling into the ‘middle,’ then perhaps he should have yielded. Was that a legal U-turn anyways?

City of Vancouver By-Laws

Drivers MUST NOT do a U-turn

  •  On any through street
  • At any intersection where a stop sign has been placed, or where a traffic control signal has been installed (a traffic light intersection)
  • At any intersection where the driver must reverse to complete the U-turn, or where the driver would be interfering with other traffic, or where it is not safe to complete.
  • On any street between intersecting street
  • At any lane intersection

BC Motor Vehicle Act U-Turn Laws

168 Except as provided by the bylaws of a municipality or the laws of a treaty first nation, a driver must not turn a vehicle so as to proceed in the opposite direction

(a) unless the driver can do so without interfering with other traffic, or,
(b) when he or she is driving
(i) on a curve,
(ii) on an approach to or near the crest of a grade where the vehicle cannot be seen by the driver of another vehicle approaching from either direction within 150 m,
(iii) at a place where a sign prohibits making a U-turn,
(iv) at an intersection where a traffic control signal has been erected, or
(v) in a business district, except at an intersection where no traffic control signal has been erected.

ICBC DriveSmart – Rules of the Road

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2 thoughts on “King Edward & Valley Drive, Vancouver”

  1. Thanks for this detailed response. The car turning left (twice) still had it’s signal on, but it wasn’t clear whether it was still on from the first turn (as the car was just completing the turn) as cars often turn left and proceed through the intersection on to Valley Drive. I was under the assumption that this was the case. I had started to move from my stopped position at the stop sign after he completed the first turn, which is what caused his outburst. From what you say, it sounds like he should have yielded to me.

    1. I would say so. I really don’t love these types of intersections. And of course we don’t want to get into crashes just to prove a point, as we have better things to do. A lot of people seem to get confused around these types of intersections so hopefully everyone will use caution around them… I don’t know what else to say…!

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