Is Your Vehicle Ready for the ICBC Road Test?


ICBC is fairly strict in terms of your vehicle’s condition.

It must be be safe and meet legal requirements. Check your vehicle before the road test and make sure it’s ready.

Here are some common reasons why ICBC cancels a road test due to vehicle condition:

  • gas/fuel guage on empty
  • illegal or unsafe vehicle modifications
  • broken/cracked tail lights
  • signal lights/headlights not working
  • horn not working
  • seatbelts not working, or frayed
  • faulty exhaust
  • doors or windows not functioning properly
  • unsafe tires
  • cracked windshield
  • illegally tinted windshield
  • lack of insurance (expired or not valid)

Before the road test, the examiner will check these items on your vehicle. It’s worth it to take a few moments and check it out yourself well before the road test in case something needs attention.

If there is a problem with your vehicle and it is not feasible to have it fixed before your road test date, consider calling a local driving school to see about renting their vehicle for your test, or borrow a friend’s car if possible.


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