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HONKING The Car Horn!
141 views · Nov 4, 2022
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I'm practicing honking my horn.  This isn't a joke! 

Many new drivers have NEVER honked their horns. You need to practice! Horns can be annoying. But, the reality is that they save lives. 

Picture you're stopped for a family in a crosswalk. You check your rearview mirror. A large truck is barrelling towards you, his brakes just failed, and he is unable to stop, even though he wants to. 

What do you do? HONK THE HORN... At least the pedestrians will be alerted and may have time to run out of the way. 

That is just one example. 

I am not recommending honking the horn if the light goes green and the car in front of you doesn't move right away. Wait 3-5 seconds after the light goes green, because you should be waiting that long and/or scanning the intersection before you go, anyway.

Sometimes we need to honk to tell other road users that we exist because they don't seem to notice, and they really need to notice so that things can stay safe for everyone. 

New drivers need to practice honking the horn so that:
1) They know where it is and how to honk it
2) They are familiar with how to make the right kind of honk that they want, depending on the situation. 

Go to an empty parking lot or something like that and practice your honking, for real. Get good at it because you may need to use it to save the day. 

Honking doesn't always mean "I'm angry." It means, "I'm here."  It means, "Let's not crash." 
People would much rather hear a horn and NOT run into you rather than not know that you exist, and crash into you when they really wouldn't if they knew you were there. 

Part of staying safe is making sure other road users know that you are a thing. The other part is, well, sometimes they don't know still, so you have to make a sound to let them know. Don't abuse your horn, but don't be afraid of it either. 


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