Help! Failed ICBC Road Test For Being ‘Too Cautious’

I just failed at the road test.

In my Road Test sheet there are 6 of B4-C4 (Gap / Accel/Decel).
The DE told me your are too cautious!
About the GAP thing. I just used my common sense. I just wait for the safest time and then turn left or right.
and I don’t really get the Accel/Decel error.
does it mean I didn’t go fast enough for a turn or I did it too fast?

and just one more q:
on my sheet, in two cases, he wrote done “GREEN” under the boxes. For example → B4/C4 and GREEN and in one case he wrote SETUP. what does these greens and setup mean?

Sorry to hear about this!

It’s too bad people fail for being too cautious. How can you be too cautious?!?  It is good to be a certain amount cautious, but you don’t want to be paranoid, and you don’t want to stop for every intersection, especially at ones where you’re supposed to be taking the right of way or have a green light and there are absolutely no pedestrians anywhere. 

B4 GAP: The driver chooses a gap in the traffic so other road users do not have to adjust speed and/or road position. 

GAP Errors: Driver chooses unsafe gap where other vehicles may or may not have to adjust speed and/or road position for safety.

– Driver fails to take a safe gap when traffic permits
– Driver fails to advance at an intersection when lawfully permitted
– Driver fails to proceed around stationary vehicle in a reasonable amount of time
– Driver fails to yield to Transit bus with a yield sign

C4: Acceleration / Deceleration : The driver’s control of the vehicle when speeding up or slowing down. The driver acelerates/decelerates smoothly, without stopping or slowing unnecessarily

Errors: Driver fails to accelerate / decelerate smoothly 
– Driver uses their left foot on the brake
– Driver stops unnecessarily

Was the green light one written under the “right turn” section? Did you stop for a green light? Did you go very slowly for a green light? Did you stop when you didn’t have a stop sign or other reason to stop? It sounds like you are driving too slowly during times when you should simply just turn or keep going. Or else you turned when you weren’t supposed to: were there cars honking at you? Did cars have to swerve to get out of your way? Likely you are being too careful and this is a problem because it can seem to other drivers like you are confused about the right of way rules. Examiners want to see a confident driver, not one who slows down for all of the intersections if there’s no reason to slow down. You are also at risk of being rear-ended if you stop or slow for absolutely no reason, which can catch vehicles behind you off guard. 

I have no idea what SETUP means. You know, you are allowed to ask the examiner after the road test what it means? They don’t actually bite you! 


Carmen became a driving instructor at the age of 22 in North Vancouver, Canada. She enjoys writing as much as driving, and hopes you have found this website helpful.

One thought on “Help! Failed ICBC Road Test For Being ‘Too Cautious’

  1. What is the cut off for errors in the ‘general driving’ category ?

    Any chance you can call me to go over this road test my son did. I really think there was an error! He qualified ‘yes’ in every section except general driving but the instructor said the error cut off in that section is 6. When I read on the ‘how to read’ page that the error cut-off is actually 9? If so
    then he was under that number of errors for general driving, And I think
    you should’ve passed? But it’s pretty hard to read?
    Thanks for your help.

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