Essential Road Test Advice

Essential Road Test Advice

Learn about all the things you need to know for a smooth road test experience.

Passing the road test isn’t actually easy. There are a ton of small, tiny details, but they all add up, and each one is important. Too many of the same type of mistakes, and you risk being unsuccessful on your road test day.

This page contains a library of resources that will help you prepare for your road test

35+ Instructor’s Epic Road Test Tips

One of the most popular articles on this website, these tips come from years of experience as a driving instructor, accompanying students to their road tests, and speaking with driving examiners.

Hazard Perception Ideas

Hazard Perception is part of the ICBC road test, and basically is a measurement of your ability to identify potential hazards while you are driving (or parked).

Class 5 vs Class 7 Road Test

Some people may be wondering what the differences are between the Class 5 and the Class 7 road tests. Here is a detailed overview of them both.

Car for Road Test Options

If you don’t have a car to use for the road test, don’t worry. There are multiple options for obtaining a vehicle for the test. If you’re borrowing a friend’s car, be sure to bring a vehicle with a Canadian license plate.

What to Bring to the Road Test

There’s nothing quite like being prepared for your road test on your exciting and nerve-wracking day. Be sure you’re prepared with the proper identification types and payments.

ICBC Road Test Results Sheet

It’s a good idea to check out the road test results sheet before the road test, so you know what examiners will be looking for. It looks complicated at first, but it’s not too bad.

Tips for Driving Standard on Your Road Test

Not that many people drive standard (or manual) cars these days in North America. But, they do exist, and if you are driving one for your road test, be sure to check out these tips.

ICBC L & N Driver Restrictions

You’re probably already familiar with these, but it might be good to brush up on them before your road test, just to double check.

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