‘Do Not Stop’ Sign Required: North Vancouver


We all know about stop signs, but what about ‘do not stop’ signs!? If I said that whenever you don’t have a stop sign, it means you don’t have to stop, I’d be lying. However, there are several places around the lower mainland where people seem to think that they must stop, when quite the opposite is true.

Highway 1 westbound and Mountain Highway exit to turn right and head up Mountain Highway:


It looks like this. If you’re in the right turning lane to head up Mountain Highway, you do not have to stop here! It doesn’t say stop, does it? Does it say yield? Or Merge? No, no it does not say those either! I understand that it looks scary because there is no visibility, and people probably think that they will burst into flames here if they do not stop, but…


What does it say on that little yellow sign that people are supposed to be paying attention to while driving?


Okay, so there may be some vehicles trying to lane change to head up Arborlynn Drive. But aren’t there always vehicles trying to lane change in life? Isn’t that what cars do? This is no reason to stop here. Stopping here is such a great way to be rear-ended, by the auto-pilot driver coming home from work behind you who is used to taking this curve in the road with a certain level of speed and/or confidence. Here’s what it looks like from the ‘other guys’ perspective:


It’s not that scary, is it?
My proposal: the GO SIGN. We have stop signs; why can’t we also have GO signs?!



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    • Yeah good call; I. Have no idea why that sign isn’t there. I think drivers not familiar with this area might be rear ended by drivers who are!

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