Curve Road Sign

curve ahead road sign

Yellow Signs Are Warning Signs

They warn of hazards ahead

It’s time to brush up on your road signs. Let’s start with something simple, a nice curve road sign. Since this is a yellow sign, it’s a warning sign. Most warning signs are yellow, and diamond‑shaped. They warn of possible hazards ahead.

Let’s see this curve ahead road sign in context

While it might be obvious during the daytime that there is a curve coming, it’s not always the case at night. Especially when it’s raining or bad visibility, one will really learn to appreciate these road signs.

curve road sign

Since the 30 km/hr speed tab is on a yellow background, this is a recommendation, not law. However, it is obviously there for a good reason, and not for decorative purposes. If you proceed around the curve too fast, your car will tend to continue in a straight line as per physicsOpens in a new tab., so do proceed with caution.

The Chevron Road Sign

chevron road sign
curve ahead road sign

And ANOTHER Chevron

chevron gas station

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