Chronicles of Alex [Hours 14.75 – 16.75]

The most DRAMATIC 72hrs of our live...
The most DRAMATIC 72hrs of our lives! - NC500 Road Trip Vanlife UK

Driving Hours 14.75 – 16.75, Nov 15

We practiced:

  • Sidewinding roads (Curves)

  • Lane changes

  • Uncontrolled intersections

  • Determining whether a green light was stale/fresh


The sun was so bright that at times I could barely see the road! It is good to practice in different conditions, though.


Emergency vehicles

We practiced the correct action to take when an emergency vehicle is approaching from behind with lights and sirens: Pull over to the right and stop completely. If you are unable to pull over to the right (or closest curb in some cases i.e. one way street), then just stop where you are; or, do whatever you have to do to get out of the way as quickly as possible, and then stop.




I turned left at a traffic circle for the first time. To do so, signal left and enter the traffic circle from the right. *Look far ahead to where you want to go.

We went on a road where the speed limit is 60 km/h. Also, we went through construction site where the limit is 30 km/h.

Traffic light Arrows

I learned more about traffic lights:

  • If there is a green arrow in a traffic light, you must go in the direction of that arrow.

  • If there is a green arrow AND a steady green light, you may either go straight or turn in the direction of the arrow (depending also on what lane you are in and in accordance with the lane control signs).

  • Below, we must go straight aka follow the road, AKA Do NOT turn right or left at this intersection (kind of obvious in this case anyway)


How to turn around by using a driveway or lane way

*We borrowed a few driveways, even though these are private property. It may be better to use lane ways if they are available. Do not use intersections to turn around as it’s illegal to reverse into an intersection due to safety/visibility reasons.

To enter a driveway on the right:

  • Pull over to the right.

  • Enter backwards into the driveway. It’s best to reverse into it because you’re only using one lane of traffic/ one half of the road when reversing.

To enter a driveway on the left:

  • Enter forwards into the driveway. If you entered in reverse, you would be reversing across both lanes of traffic / the entire roadway.

  • To make it easier to exit the driveway, park your car at an angle. Before entering the driveway, roll a bit further ahead than usual so that when you enter, you can stay to the right and turn the wheel all the way to the left and park at a sharp angle inside the driveway.

This way, when you reverse to the right to get out of the driveway, your car will end up close to the curb. Whereas if you had parked your car straight, you would potentially reverse into the middle of the road, blocking traffic.


*Video pending


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