Check Your Truck Awareness

Be Truck Aware is a combined campaign of education and enforcement aimed at reducing car-truck crashes.

Passenger vehicle drivers are urged to: ‡

Leave space: Large trucks need extra room to stop and to turn. Don’t take away their turning or braking room. ‡

Don’t merge too soon: When passing a truck, make sure you can see both its headlights in your rear-view mirror before merging back into the lane. If you merge too soon, the truck driver may not see you or be able to stop in time to avoid a crash. ‡

Be visible around trucks: Either slow down or move well ahead of large trucks to stay out of the truck drivers blind spots. ‡

Anticipate wide turns: Watch for trucks making wide swings to turn right. Never drive ahead in the right lane beside a turning truck.

Be Truck Aware


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