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Road lines & road signs meaning… meaning, what? What are all these signs and lines you are supposed to understand and know what they all mean?


We are here to help you out. The good news is, most (if not all) important road signs are made of shapes and symbols, so it’s okay if your English is not that good. English is optional.


Road signs as well as road lines, can be broken down into little categories. It is easier to learn that way. For example, you can tell a lot about a road sign based on it’s mere shape. Based on it’s mere color.


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Did you know that yellow road lines separate traffic moving in opposite directions? And that white road lines separate traffic that is moving in the same direction?


Did you know that white and black road signs are regulatory signs. In other words, it’s ‘the law,’ as opposed to yellow signs.


Yellow signs are officially a recommendation. But it’s highly smart to follow these recommendations. After all, recommendations and decorations are different.


More about the road signs meaning. The stop sign is the only sign that is that particular shape. So if you see the back of that shape sign, you know it’s a stop sign.


It’s not going to say anything else. Especially not, ‘go’. This kind of information can help you navigate and can reduce some anxiety that goes along with driving for some people.


If you know another car is facing a stop sign, then you know a lot. A lot more than another driver who doesn’t know anything.


Green and blue signs are just for information. I mean, it’s all information. But usually these are found on the highway to tell you about distances to exits, coming attractions and coming up services like hotels, lunch, etc.


Some road signs are fun, like the end of the road sign. It’s a checkered flag. Much like the checkered flag at the end of a car race. Aww, how cute is that?


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Curve Road Sign

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