Reversing and Parking


To learn about parking, we must first learn the basics of reversing a car. Many new drivers attempt to learn to park the car without learning these fundamentals first.


But that is kind of like putting a roof onto a chunk of land, without first building the house. It’s kind of weird, and it doesn’t usually work. And, you often have to go back to the beginning, no matter how much of the roof you’ve done.


That method might be fine for people who enjoy a challenge. But it can get stressful quickly, especially when there are impatient drivers waiting in – or speeding around – your ‘zone’


So to begin, we highly recommend you check out Reversing A Car – The Ultimate Guide


It’s a great guide for any driver, especially new drivers. It goes through the fundamental elements and habits needed for safely backing up in a car.


Other guides that can be helpful for people who need to learn about parking, as well as for people who are teaching someone else about parking or reversing are:



Check out some of our other popular articles:



So many new drivers are worried about parking on their road test. It’s true that you need some level of skill, but it takes a very long time for anyone to get really good at parking. Examiners just want to see you have the general idea and you are being safe.


In BC Is It Illegal To Reverse Into An Intersection?


Yes. This is illegal. Also, it’s illegal to reverse over a crosswalk.

Of course, it’s good to know how to park for real life. Hopefully these articles can help you out.  :) Just keep practicing because it’s normal for this to take a while. It’s a skill, just like any other skill. Practice, practice, practice…!


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