I suppose this site would not be complete without a section on ICBC insurance and the many ICBC questions, comments, and concerns that a lot of people have.


Many people have ICBC insurance, road test, or general questions. We are here to help ease the confusion. Just a little.


We have a lot of ICBC stuff around here, including:



For anyone who doesn’t know, ICBC insurance is the only provider for automobile insurance in British Columbia. For the rest of Canada, and I’m sure in the states, people have a choice.


Us poor and sad British Columbians must go through ICBC insurance, without a choice. The only bit of choice we have is to grab ourselves a bit of optional insurance from a private provider, but I’m not sure how much joy that brings anyone.


ICBC deals with a lot. Vehicle collision claims, drivers licenses, car insurance, registration, road tests, knowledge tests, and so much more excitement.


While ICBC has a somewhat bad reputation, and it seems like people love to hate it… I have heard at the same time that it’s actually a great place to work. Someone let me know if that is true.


I once considered becoming a driving examiner, but only for 2 minutes. It’s not a very creative job. And I wouldn’t be able to teach people or show them how to do things. I would just judge people. And that’s just not my style. Anyway, I’m rambling. I’ll stop that now.


what are car insurance premiums

What Are Car Insurance Premiums?

What does a premium mean for car insurance? What are car insurance premiums? It’s a good question, and it sounds like something very fancy, doesn’t it? In reality, your car insurance premium is simply the amount you have to pay in exchange for your insurance. You can often pay monthly or yearly, or perhaps on …

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what is comprehensive car insurance

What Is Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Comprehensive Insurance Meaning What is comprehensive car insurance? Surely the world of insurance can be confusing. And it doesn’t help when people use big, boring words to explain everything. Comprehensive car insurance is a type of partial insurance coverage that you can get as an option, unlike liability insurance which is required by law in …

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what is liability car insurance

What Is Liability Car Insurance?

Auto Insurance – What is Liability Car Insurance? What is liability car insurance, you’re wondering? Sometimes insurance companies make it sound complicated, but it’s not too bad. We will explain it all here. For me, liability falls into the category of ‘I’d rather not think about it,’ but as drivers, we kind of have to. …

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hazard perception

Hazard Perception ICBC Ideas

Hazard Perception? Hazard Perception Question from Taylor:  Apart from the hazards listed above what else could there be on a residential street? I was sure I listed 5 that I thought was reasonable but apparently I got one right. Is there stock answers that examiners want to hear? Think about it I don’t think there …

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icbc road test results sheet

ICBC Road Test Results Sheet

ICBC Road Test Results Sheet No more demerit system Gone are the days of demerits. This might seem like understanding the new ICBC road test results sheet is confusing. It’s not too bad, though. These days when you go for a road test in BC, you receive this very complicated-looking piece of paper with many …

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penticon icbc

ICBC Penticton, British Columbia

Looking for some ICBC Penticton Information? You have come to the right place in the great land of the internet. ICBC Penticton – JUST The Facts The ICBC Penticton is located together with the Penticton Service BC Centre. Address for ICBC Penticton & Service BC Centre 40 Calgary Ave.Penticton, British Columbia, Canada V2A2T6 Phone: 250 …

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