OK, I know this sounds like bad advice… How to stay awake while driving.

If you’re tired, you should sleep, shouldn’t you?

If you’re tired, you should not drive. In a perfect world, everyone would park and have nap as soon as they felt tired. However, since we’re in the real world, people may not always have that option. So, here are a few tips for keeping alert if you’re feeling less than “bright eyed and bushy tailed” while driving.

– Eat sunflower seeds SLOWLY

– Eat/Chew some Ice Cubes

– Open the Window and get some Fresh Air/Cool Air – Avoid having the vehicle interior warm and do not use seat warmers

– Start an in-depth conversation with a passenger (if possible)

– Sing along to the radio/music

– Listen to music – perhaps faster music is better, listen to music that you don’t like – that will be sure to keep you awake!

– Chew Gum

– Wipe your face with a wet cloth

– Drink a beverage slowly – Avoid too much sugar

– Pull over an eat an apple or tangy fruit/drink.

If you’re really tired, try to pull over and take a short nap. Even 10-15 minutes can help. Set your phone alarm to wake you up.

Driving while drowsy can be just as bad as driving intoxicated. Keep this in mind while making the decision to drive.

Remember that the cost of a hotel room is always cheaper than the cost of a car accident – in more ways than one.