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Real Life Reasons to Turn your Wheels when Parking on a Hill

Every time someone comes to me and says, “Teach me how to park on a hill. I need to pass the road test,” it makes me cry!! No one needs to learn how to park on a hill in order to pass the road test. Ok, maybe you do. But please, think about the reasons why you are being forced …

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How to Park Your Car on a Hill Safely

Overview  When you park on a hill, be sure to turn your wheels so that the car would roll away from the road, and not into traffic, in the case of mechanical failure. Dry steering Avoid dry steering – steering while the vehicle is completely stopped – as it is hard on the power steering components and tires. Just make sure …

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How to Park Downhill

When you park downhill, you should turn your tires to the right (parked on the right side of the road). In the case of mechanical failure, the car will roll into the curb or off the road, and not potentially straight into intersections and cause a collision. Avoid dry steering as it is hard on the power steering and tires …

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