Here are some ideas for summer road trips… Depending on how far you’re going, you may find some of these items not necessary. Good to think about it though.


– Driving a camper? Make sure your vehicle is secure and your cargo is not overloaded.  Check out Drive Smart BC – How Heavy is Your Camper?

– GPS; preferably one you can speak to without touching and that has a built-in Bluetooth (in cases where you must talk while driving).

– a REAL Map (for backup). I’ve heard stories of GPS’ sending people to farms in the middle of no where, 50 miles in the wrong direction!

– Phone Charger & Phone – an extra phone and/or battery never hurt.

– Proof of Insurance and RoadSide Assistance / BCAA Membership. Do you have OnStar? BCAA? ICBC Road Side assistance? Do you know what your membership number is and/or where your member card is?

– Wheel Rotation / Alignment – Check it before you go. Most roads are crowned (higher in the centre to allow rain water to drain; this wears on tires, even if you drive nicely and don’t hit curbs. It is worth checking it once per year or so).

– Drinking Water and Non-Perishable Food – water bottles are good. You can live without food for a while, but you can’t live without water for very long.

– Flashlight (just in case) with fresh batteries – check and make sure it works.

– First Aid Kid – better to be prepared.

– Check for Detours Drive BC

– Car Checkup *VERY IMPORTANT!* It’s hard to have a fun road trip without a car that works

– Oil & Filter Change

– Sunglasses, SunScreen, Hats

– Games, Toys, MP3, iPOD, Music – for the Kids

– Flares, Jumper Cables, Jack, Spare Tires, Fire Extinguisher

– Extra Car Keys

– Soccer Ball or Frisbee

– Extra Oil

– Duct Tape, Rope, Bug Spray

– Passport / Nexus Card

– Energy Bars, Nuts, Cereal, Trail Mix

– Extra blankets, pillows, sleeping bags