How to Steer: Shuffle Steering Demo [video]

(Last Updated On: August 13, 2015)

In my opinion, knowing how to properly steer a vehicle is one of the most important things for new drivers (and all drivers) to grasp. Shuffle steering is just one way to steer, but it’s a pretty good method. Your arms never cross, so you never get your arms tangled up in a knot (which happens to people when they’re learning sometimes). Other reasons why I like it are that if the road curves more than originally anticipated, the driver can simply keep shuffling the wheel no problem. Also, it just seems easier and less work than hand-over-hand!

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Many moons ago, Carmen became an ICBC-approved driving instructor at the age of 22 in North Vancouver, and has spent many years working with new and experienced drivers around the lower mainland. She can be found reading the Motor Vehicle Act for fun while receiving strange looks from others. May the quest for great driving continue!

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  • Waqar

    Videos do not exist 🙁

    • Hey thank you sooo much, I fixed it… I had a youtube issue and had to make a new account, it’s been such a pain in the butt!! so thanks again for the heads up, Really appreciate!! 🙂

  • carmenac

    I hear you. It is apparent that not all driver training schools/instructors are created equal.

  • It is scary the number of students I get after their Driver Training that have no concept of how to use the Steering Wheel ???????