Statistically, long weekends and collisions go hand in hand in BC. Now is the time to start planning ahead to ensure a safe long weekend.


– Make sure your vehicle is on top shape. Have it inspected if it hasn’t been for a while. Replace fluids if needed. Inspect tires. Inspect spare tires. Keep extra fluids.

– Pack lots of snacks and drinks/water.

– Plan your route in advance to avoid unnecessary kilometres

– Make sure everyone is properly buckled – including children in car seats


– DO NOT Drink and Drive

– Take a deep breath and enjoy the scenery! If the vehicles in front of you are going slow, just relax.

– Reduce or eliminate distractions like cell phones, eating, complicated conversations, smoking, etc.

– If you’re tired, stop driving. Take a nap, take a break, or stop for the day.

– Focus, pay careful attention, and keep a positive attitude.

– If you’re stuck in a construction zone for a while, reduce idling (turn off the engine!)