I had a recent complaint about an intersection with a right-turning restriction sign so I wanted to clear something up.

Aside from the basics (white and black signs are regulation signs, yellow signs are warning or caution signs, orange are construction/temporary, etc.) there are subtleties about road signs all drivers should know:

Any sign white, black, red, and green, or any combination of those colours is a regulation sign and refers to action you can or can not do Right Here, Right Now. Notice a typical crosswalk sign: It means you are legally required to stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk and the crosswalk is right here, at the same exact location as the sign:


… as oppose to the yellow sign with the same symbol, which means, “There is a pedestrian crosswalk up ahead. Be prepared to scan and stop if there’s pedestrians”


Enter Holmes & E. Columbia/North Road in New Westminster. This turning restriction is for the lane, since it is posted at the lane, not the intersection. Drivers may still turn right at the intersection. It’s a white and black sign so it means “Do not turn right, right here” not “Do not turn right up there in 1/2 block.”