Can I take my B.C. road test using a vehicle with an Alberta license plate? 

Yes you can. Or another vehicle with a license plate from another province or state, as long as it is properly licensed and insured.

As per ICBC:

10 most common reasons a vehicle might not be accepted for a road test:

1. Cracked or illegally tinted windshield or windows
2. Dash warning lights (e.g. air bag) that affect the safe operation of the vehicle
3. Seatbelts not working or frayed
4. Brake lights, signal lights or headlights not working or with badly cracked or missing lenses
5. Vehicle not properly licensed or insured
6. Unsafe or illegal vehicle modifications
7. Horn not working
8. Unsafe tires
9. Doors or windows not operating (e.g. doors don’t open from inside)
10. Gas tank or electric charge too low​

ICBC – Prepare for your road test appointment