Motorcycle Learners


Question: Why do motorcycle riders during their “L” stage have to be accompanied by a full class 6 driver in order to ride yet scooters do not? I know motorcycles can have much larger engines, but many scooters can virtually handle highway speeds. All while “L” motorcycle riders have to limit their speed below 60km/hr, have a supervisor, and can’t ride at sundown; why couldn’t an L motorcycle rider simply abide by the 60km/hr limit and ride freely?





Motorcycle Vs. Scooter License Requirements


I think it is because the requirements for riding a scooter include that the rider has a full-privilege Class 5 or 7 passenger vehicle licence to begin with (in other words they’ve passed a road test and supposedly know what they’re doing). An ‘L’ Motorcycle rider does not yet necessarily have this proven token of skills-knowledge-experience so requires supervision for safety reasons. That’s my guess anyway.


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