Roundabouts are designed to keep traffic moving and improve safety at intersections. (Technically a roundabout is a traffic circle with more than one lane).


On Approach


On approach, reduce your speed to about 20 km/hr in case you need to yield to other vehicles and for good control. Look for signs and pedestrians and be prepared. You must yield to any traffic already in the roundabout. This means you will yield to your immediate left. All vehicles must enter to the right and use the roundabout in a counter-clockwise direction. You can enter the roundabout when there is a safe gap in the traffic and you feel it is safe. Once you are inside the roundabout, vehicles approaching are supposed to yield to you. Do not stop inside the roundabout unless traffic conditions require you to do so. Keep in mind that if you miss your exit you may drive in circles until you find it again.


For Going ‘Straight’


For continuing straight ahead, do not signal on approach and signal “right” before you leave.


For Going Right


For right turns, signal “right” on approach keep signal on until you are gone.


For Going Left


For left turns, signal “left” on approach and signal “right” before you leave.