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My questions is fairly fundamental but I realised it may be a problem
I’ve been driving for over 6 years in other countries, I recently moved to BC and will be getting my class 5 test soon. I managed to hold myself not to palm the steering wheel on the road, in the intersections etc. (It’s my first car with auto transmission) But i am having difficulty not to palm when reversing and parking. Especially when im reversing, using only one hand to steer and palming is way faster, allowing me to complete the maneuver safer. How much of a problem would I face if I palm the wheel when only parking during the test?


Well, I am thinking that this would definitely be not Okay on the road test and I really don’t think it is a good idea in general. There are several good ways to steer and these methods allow the driver to have a good grip on the steering wheel for good control of the vehicle. When you palm the wheel, not much of your hand is actually touching the wheel. This could easily slip off. And, since you were only using one hand in the first place to control the car, the hand that slipped off would leave the car basically uncontrolled; and this could be very bad even for a split second.

If you have two arms and two hands, then you can learn how to properly steer without the use of palming! Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks. You just have to keep practicing, have a good attitude (are you actually open to learning a new thing?), and be determined – a little persistence can really pay off.

In my experience I found that a lot of people who were palming the wheel had never really learned how to properly steer a car in the first place, so this palming seemed like the normal and easy way (perhaps even the only way) to steer the car. Once you learn proper techniques, you will see no need to palm the wheel ever again, and you will wonder how you ever allowed yourself to do it. Well, in my dreams anyway!

The hand over hand method is a faster way to steer vs. the shuffle method (although not recommended for regular driving due to airbag injury risks) so you may want to practice this for your parking.

Hand over hand: This video is a bit creepy but it will have to do until I make my own.



And of course my personal favourite the shuffle. I find this to be very agreeable, however it can be cumbersome when parking. Hand-over-hand – although gone out of style – can be great for parking and is much faster than the shuffle in those situations. And the chances of your airbag going off after your parallel parking job are quite low I would like to think 😉 If your airbag goes off in the parking lot, well then….. oh never mind.


Talk to the hand(s)!!!! Tell it why it must palm the wheel when it has 10 perfectly good fingers who can all help to properly grip the wheel.




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