Q: Help! I am learning to drive and my car won’t go in a straight line. 

Don’t worry, this is very common!!

If your car won’t go in a straight line when learning how to drive, either your car needs an alignment, you need to adjust the seat properly, put your foot on the dead pedal (when available) and relax your hands/arms/everything (don’t take a nap though) and/or you need learn one of the most important and very necessary skills of good driving and that is looking farther ahead when driving, far far ahead, up the road, as far as you can see, STOP looking at the pavement in front of the front bumper! A..K…A.. LOOK WHERE U WANT TO GO & GO THERE!

Pavement just sits there. You drive over it. It never jumps up and smacks you in the face, does it? (unless you are very drunk… and are on foot in the first place, & that is another story), so you don’t have to stare at it, Okay?

Besides, you have peripheral vision. You can still see other things in the corner of your eye if you keep your eyes generally far far ahead. If you look far far far ahead you can still see the car in front of you in the corner of your eyes. Right?!

That’s it. (Remember to keep your eyes moving, too!!)

Not like this:



More like this:



Not like this:



More like this:



* PS. This technique works amazing not just for going in a straight line, but for following any road that is in the shape of a non-staight line, too! 🙂