Intersections Illustrated: Stop Signs eBook for new drivers, student drivers, or any driver!

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It can be confusing as a new driver, especially when other drivers do not always follow the rules or set a good example. This ebook aims to show new drivers some common situations they may encounter. New drivers must learn basic driving rules; but also recognize when another road user is about to do something wrong. In order to stay safe, one must never mind their own business while driving. Predicting the actions of others, and reacting proactively, is a necessity. People are prone to error and those who are driving are no exception. Therefore, we must always allow for errors when driving and assume nothing. Driving can be a disheartening necessity, a delightful, joyous freedom, or even a passion; but a solid foundation is important in any case. Hopefully this ebook will help new drivers, if even a little.