Tips for Pedestrians


Pedestrian Facing Traffic














If there is no sidewalk


If you must walk on the road, walk facing the traffic (not with your back to traffic).



walking on road with balloons



This way you can get eye contact and move out of the way if need be. If you walk with your back to the traffic, you won’t know what is creeping up behind you such as a distracted driver, a car with failed brakes, a very large truck, etc.




While standing on the edge of the intersection waiting for the ‘walk’ signal





Avoid waiting on the very edge of the curb for your signal at an intersection. Wait as far away from the edge as reasonably possible. Pedestrians have been hurt & killed by vehicles that have collided at intersections (and intersections are the most common place where vehicles collide) Also, very large right-turning vehicles could sometimes cut the corner slightly, driving over the edge of the sidewalk.


Eye Contact… Clothing




Get eye contact with drivers before walking in front of vehicles (whenever possible), and of course, wear bright clothing. Even wearing grey pants as oppose to black can make a big difference.  In dark weather, wear a light or reflective garments.



Ear Contact /  Brain Contact !


Avoid listening to music, talking on the phone, and texting while walking. You need to hear & be aware of what is going on around you. If you insist on listening to music, then listen with one ear only. Your iPod could also be used as a light to make it easier for drivers to see you if you carry it in your hand.