Too many pedestrian incidents lately 🙁




Some tips and some ideas for pedestrians to be more seen and stay safe.


ICBC’s Tips for Pedestrians


Safety is up to all of us #walksafebc


  • Always make eye contact with drivers and never assume that a driver has seen you.

  • Remove your headphones and focus your full attention on what’s happening around you as drivers may not stop or obey traffic signals. Leave your phone alone.

  • Be careful at intersections and watch for drivers turning left or right through the crosswalk. Drivers may be focused on oncoming traffic instead of scanning for you.

  • Always cross at designated crosswalks – never mid-block. Follow pedestrian signs and traffic signals and never cross once the signal has turned yellow or red.​

  • Wear reflective clothing or gear and flashlights to make it easier for drivers to see you in wet weather, at dusk and at night.

  • On rural roads without sidewalks, make yourself visible and always walk facing traffic so you can see oncoming drivers.

Why are you wearing all black, with a black umbrella? Drivers don’t crash into pedestrians that they can see. Why not light yourself up a bit? 


How about an LED Umbrella? *May double as lightsaber*






In the area of Sapperton (New Westminster)


Transit Police


If you stop by our headquarters beside Sapperton SkyTrain station during our front counter hours (8-4 M-F) you can ask for a free reflective slap-bracelet.



How about a psychedelic Bike?


Vancouver Police Department – Pedestrian Safety and Facts / Stats


Slow down, take your time, check carefully before turning left and right at intersections and PLEASE be safe and be Kind in the Fall/Winter Weather