Stop Signs eBook

Intersections Illustrated: Stop Signs Edition eBook for new drivers and all drivers.

  • Navigate stop sign intersections safely and efficiently
  • Gain confidence driving
  • Pass your road test

Many new drivers struggle with the basic skills of driving when they are first learning because

  • they feel they’re not sure what to do
  • it’s nerve-racking when there’s traffic driving behind them and they feel they’re being too slow
  • the drivers behind them are not patient and sometimes honk or get angry at them
  • their co-pilot is anxious or not being helpful
  • It’s frightening to be in control of a vehicle when they aren’t sure exactly what they’re doing because they’ve never done it before, and they’re driving on roads with other traffic, some of which can be larger and intimidating.

Check out Intersections Illustrated: Stop Signs Edition eBook for new drivers and all drivers. An eBook which has a simple, practical and illustrated approach and focuses on:

safe intersection navigation
common intersection situations and how to deal with them safely
road test tips
rules of the road
safe attitude
vehicle positioning on the road
different types of intersections
reasons for certain driving techniques
dealing with pedestrians, and more.

Top 5 Reasons I wanted to write this eBook to help new drivers:



With the correct knowledge you can move away from feeling like a nervous, new driver and become a more confident one that really feels like you know what you’re doing.



New drivers sometimes do things that can be dangerous because they aren’t really sure about the rules of the road, where to look, or which cars they have to yield to. Furthermore, they may be unable to identify when other traffic might not be following the rules and therefore can’t take action to ensure their own safety. Gain knowledge and know what to look for at intersections to stay safe while driving.


Road test skills:

Learn many of the little details examiners are looking for to be successful on the ICBC road test. How and why to scan intersections, when to shoulder check, right of way techniques, plus more.


Stress-free driving:

When you are more aware of the rules of the road and common situations that can occur at intersections, you won’t be so surprised by situations and you can relax and enjoy driving a bit, hopefully somewhat like an experienced driver can do after years of driving. After all, driving should be fun!


Building Blocks:

Stop signs, basic intersections, basic right-of-way knowledge, basic car control and turning at intersections safely form the very important building blocks and foundation for further and more advanced driver training. Without this foundation, further driver training can become very confusing and tedious for the new driver. While this eBook focuses on basic, stop sign intersections, it paves the way for the next levels of driving and navigating larger, more complex and complicated intersections and situations.

I spent a long time creating little eBook and I hope you can find it helpful. ๐Ÿ™‚ PDF (60 pages) and ePub available. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment. ๐Ÿ™‚


I first started learning from Carmen Cohoe through her outstanding website, BC Driving Blog. I was about to begin driving lessons in New York and wanted to have some idea of what I was doing ahead of time. Out of all the websites and books and videos I saw, Carmen’s was the most useful for me. Her experience as a driving instructor has helped her figure out what challenges new drivers are likely to face and how they can overcome them. Her descriptions of driving situations are the clearest and most accurate I’ve found anywhere, and her illustrations and photos help you imagine and apply the information to your own driving. The vast majority of information she shares easily applies to the United States as well as Canada. When I heard she was publishing her first book I couldn’t wait to get it, even though I’ve already passed my test! There is so much good info in this book that will keep everything you need to know fresh in your mind, whether you’re a brand new driver or just want to make sure you’re driving safely and not imitating the mistakes other drivers make. The book is well-organized and easy to navigate. I highly recommend you pick up Intersections Illustrated and keep it handy!
– Shannon