June2009 370

June2009 379

On the Dempster, you can see if another car is coming about 10-15 minutes into the future because you can see the road that far ahead. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. But not by much!

June2009 415

June2009 417

June2009 422

June2009 427

I like these “knuckle mountains” as I call them.

June2009 429

June2009 433

See how the road kind of hates your tires?

June2009 436

Deeper and deeper into oblivion…

June2009 437

June2009 451


June2009 453

Northwest Territories was VERY, VERY, VERY, Windy. Not very warm at all, and that was in June.

June2009 500

June2009 508

Oh my look at the traffic Jam.

June2009 513

June2009 516

June2009 535

June2009 541

June2009 567

Apparently driving the Dempster gives you amazing opportunities to view wildlife. However we hardly saw any at all, and that is why I must go back.

Dempster Highway part 3