This type of intersection confuses many learner drivers in ways that other intersections just can’t compare to!!

Really though it is simply a 2-way stop. It just happens to be a very Large 2-way stop. There happens to be some grass in the middle of the road. But the rest of the rules, in terms of right-of-way, are the same. That means:

– the two vehicles facing the stop signs must yield to thru traffic. (After you yield to one direction of traffic, you may drive to the middle of the road beside the grass and yield to the next half. You were the one facing the stop sign, and others are not, therefore you’re the one who must yield.)

– whichever car entered the intersection first should go first

– if two vehicles arrive at the same time, the left-turning vehicle should yield to the straight-thru vehicle and/or right-turning vehicle. Try to get eye contact. If you want the other driver to go first, simply stop your car and make eye contact with the driver. If the driver sees you are looking left & right for the cross traffic, then he will probably perceive that you are getting ready to make a move. Avoid waving at drivers to go first (liability issues).



Think of it like simply a bigger version of this 2-way stop intersection: