Did you know that an airbag deploys at a speed of roughly 300 km/hr?

So, avoid hooking the wheel and allowing passengers to rest their feet on the dashboard, just in case.

No feet allowed!










Avoid “hooking” the steering wheel like this. Steering wheels go in circles; arms don’t.












Make sure you are sitting at least 25 cm (10 in) away from the steering wheel air bag.









Automatic vehicle pedals









Standard vehicle pedals

Approaching your vehicle

If you will be driving forwards, make sure to walk around the front of the car and face the traffic that is driving closest to you.

Check all tires and the blind area in front and only open the door when safe.

If you will be reversing (out of a driveway for example) be sure to walk around the back of the car and check for

things that may be behind your vehicle, and check all tires for tread & pressure, and the path between the tires.

Blind Zones

Blind zones are areas in front, behind, and beside you that you can not see at all when driving. These areas look

deceiving; things appear to be a lot closer than they actually are. Say I’m sitting in my vehicle and I’m wondering

how much room is in front. How much does it look like? If I can just see the bottom of the tires of the white car touching

the pavement, is that enough room for me to pull away from the curb? It looks close…

If I get out of my car and look, this is how much room is actually there. It’s a

lot more than what it looks like when sitting in the car.

I can probably pull away from this position without needing to reverse. If you aren’t sure,

it is better to be safe than sorry.

This blind zone will vary in size depending on your vehicle, the height of the driver, the height of the

seat, and the length of the front of the car. However, in most cases there is a significantly larger

space in front than what it appears to be. The only way to find out for sure is to park your car so

that you can just see the tires touching the pavement (car in front of you) and then get out and take a look.

Typical Dashboard

How to turn on your turn signals

  • Lea

    My car is missing a fog light cover will my road test be cancelled because of it? I’m getting it fixed soon but it’ll be after the test. Everything is fine just the cover is missing.

    • I don’t think that would be a problem myself… as it is not safety related.

  • J

    On the class 7 road test how many obstructions/conflicts do you have to list?

    • Hi, Just list as many as you can. I think they would expect 3-4 at the very minimum. Remember there are also other not so obvious hazards, like the glare of the sun or the rain/slippery road.

      • J

        Thanks! Now I just have to wait for cancellations and book my test!

        • Yeah a lot are cancelled because the vehicle is not in decent shape or has a problem. You can also show up first thing in the morning and wait, if someone doesn’t show up or cancels and you are just sitting there waiting with a vehicle ready then they will take you. Good luck!

  • b

    If your 4’8 you should still be 25 cm from the steering wheel?

  • Emily Cohoe

    Nice Job Carmen!!