A friendly reminder to come to a full and complete stop (yes I am guilty of not doing this from time to time) as this can make your life so much easier because if everybody does this, then you can clearly tell who stopped first, second, etc. If you all kind of slow down and then try and guess whose turn it is, it can be highly confusing.

In addition, if two cars stop at the same time then normally the left turn should yield to the car going straight; however if the car turning left arrived and stopped first, then it should go first. First come, first serve.

The person driving the black beamer seems to be confused about this as clearly the person driving the small white car stopped first and then attempted to turn left. If the small white car did not signal or had a signal bulb burnt out, or the driver of the black beamer didn’t see the signal and assumed it was going straight, then those are obviously issues that could play a role.



Happy 4-way stopping everyone.

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